26 August 2011

I Love Me

"I Love Me", appears to be quite a narcissistic statement. Admittedly I have been accused of having a rather delusional and inflated sense of ego over the course of my relatively short lifetime, but, with some maturity (big stress on "some"), I have managed to temper my grandiose sense of self with something more intrinsically valuable and satisfying. This something I talk of as more deeply rewarding is an acceptance my flaws (the ones I am still not in denial about that is) which has given rise to a sense of love for a more realistic perception of the person I really am. I have used the word "sense" a few times here: am I making any? When one has to ask that question is one ever? I hope at least you have a sense of my nonsense.
  Yes "I Love Me" is a tad narcissistic, but I am offering it as a tongue in cheek motto, a feel good call to arms for everyone out there who, like me, has learnt to curb to a degree their outrageous egotistical fancies with a touch of humility and as a result has developed an amorous respect for the identity that lies beneath our airs, pretensions and thinly veiled attempts at validation.
  The vibe of what I'm getting at (that's right I am seeking to clarify myself by attempting to illustrate "a vibe") can perhaps best be captured by this anecdote from my childhood. Yes indeed, an anecdote that serves as an analogy to perhaps capture the vibe of what this blog is kinda getting at;  I'd make a terrible lawyer.
  When I was but a child, I used to read a comic book called "Buster". This comic came every week from the Motherland (that's how we Kiwi's used to describe England back in the day) and was set aside for me by our local news agent, a silver haired dame and chubby doppelganger of Queen Elizabeth II. Every Thursday afternoon after the pressure cooker that is elementary school,  I would would get off the rusty school bus, waltz into the news agent and pick up a copy of my treasured publication from her majesty. As soon as I got home I would pour myself a tall glass of milk, fix a plate of Shrewsbury biscuits and retire to my room, shut the door and lie down on the weathered carpet to munch, sip and read trash. It was me time.

  That is the equation! Trash and treats! Milk, cookies and comics! That is what this blog is about! Not specifically those three things in particular but what they add up too and represent. ME TIME: any activity you do to nurture yourself. I Love Me is about doing something nice for yourself and showing yourself some lurv. Thanks for bearing with me there while I overcomplicated things. In this blog I will share with you ways in which I love me, and hopefully in the future you may be kind enough to share with me ways that you love you. Who knows, we may just enjoy the different ways each of us love ourselves and the love will flow. As I was prone to saying in a severely annoying phase of my early twenties, "Feel the love and let it flow, let it flow". Till next time, I Love Me and You Love You.