28 March 2012

Cat Photography

Cat lovers are living in denial. It is quite clear to me that cats don't really have souls, however, they are of tremendous aesthetic value and are a great source of nourishment to our souls. Cat photography is a hobby that I find most enjoyable. When I am looking at my albums, it is accurate to say that there are more photos of my cats then of myself, and that is saying something as I am not opposed to a photograph or two.
  Cat photography is very relaxing. I guess this is because cats are always relaxing and its lovely to observe a creature so content and giving due respect to the nap. Cats embody the "I Love Me" spirit. They look after and nurture themselves completely. They live life being true to their cat selves and ensure they never do things out of obligation or for validation.
 So pick up your camera if you are a cat owner (although if you are I am probably preaching to the converted you already have quite a collection) and start snapping. The images will bring you immense pleasure and you will feel the love, the love that cats have for themselves, and in turn you can love yourself a little more like I love me.