01 June 2012

Toast and Tea

Somethings are just meant to go together: pizza and beer, Lennon/McCartney and most definitely toast and tea. It is such a perfect combination that it gives you a sense of comfort by knowing that such undeniable harmony exists in this topsy turvy universe.
  If I am feeling a little tapped out, I find that toast and tea has the ability to revive my flagging spirits and give my mojo a much needed lift. I have find myself from time to time, usually in the late afternoon, overcome with a wave of tiredness. I feel an internal pressure to be "productive" but some days I just can't quite will myself into action. In moments like these I turn to toast and tea to bolster my resolve. It is a treat, its not a low calorie snack, but sometimes you need a treat, a little caffeine and some carbs to give you a second wind.
  Toast and tea is perfect to share too. There is a certain satisfaction in putting on the water and pushing down the button on the toaster knowing you are preparing this divine combination for another. The payback of nurturing and providing comfort for a fellow human traveller is a great reward in itself.
 I like to use a crusty slice of bread; the more grains the better, and then spread some real butter onto its just toasted surface, letting it melt into the many crevices and then top it off with a not insubstantial slice of sharp cheddar. The secret to a good cup of tea, as my mom once explained to me, is getting the water that has just boiled straight onto the tea bag. Once you are sitting comfortably, let all the troubles of the world subside into the background, your only care and concern should be coordinating your slow, deliberate bites of the toast with well measured sips of the tea. Know that perfect combinations exist and know that you deserve them.