14 January 2013


Well I know its already a couple of weeks into the New Year, but being a bit of a procrastinator, I haven't gotten round to getting into some of my New Years resolutions, one being to blog more often.

So how is 2013 going for you? Did you make any resolutions? I made a few in regards to my health. I am going to try and live with a plant based diet. I'm doing pretty good with this one. Not a complete Nazi about it but am definitely eating more fruit and vegetables. Maybe its a bit in my head, but I definitely feel a bit lighter and tighter.

Oh, I also just came up with another resolution today in fact. I told you I procrastinate. No energy drinks in 2013. Thats right and I used to drink diet Rockstars and Red Bull with the best of them. Still gonna stick with coffee. Love my coffee.

I have been pounding carbonated water lately. For Christmas my girl Michelle bought me a Sodastream machine. I love fizzy water. Love the Trader Joe's spring water with a hint of lemon or lime natural flavoring. I used to go through them very, very quickly. Now I am cranking out carbonated water like some maniacal meth head. Probably need to chill a little on this one. But I am very, very hydrated.

I have also been keeping up with my promise to myself that I would have more Yoga in my life. In the past Yoga has driven me a bit crazy. I am all good with ripping out 100 push ups whenever, wherever, but holding a Yoga pose is really challenging. I can get a little impatient and my brain starts ticking away but it is so great to slow down the mind and flexibility is something I really need to work on. More flexible hamstrings in 2013. I really like this guy Trevor who teaches on Sundays at the Arclight 24hr fitness: http://www.yogatrevor.com

On the Yoga note I went to an awesome class with my friends and Kiwi Boot Camp soldiers Jenelle and Tom  a few weeks back at The Yoga Collective with the instructor Tamal. Awesome class where you get a great stretch and sweat: http://theyogacollective.com

I've been meditating regularly which has been a great way to start the day and rounds out the afternoon nicely. I like the peace it brings. I can get a little caught up in thoughts and in the deep recesses of my mind. Well, o.k, the recesses aren't that deep, but it always feel like there is a little more clarity about things when you open your eyes after you have meditated. Reality looks a little crisper.

It has been cold in the mornings. It is a little miserable when at first cold air hits your skin, but I've been enjoying getting some exercise in right of the bat with boot camp. Me and all my Kiwi Trainer friends are rocking in the New Year.

I still haven't gone for a swim yet. I am a giant wuss. What can I say, I can't stand the though of the water being a bit on the  cold side. Total wuss. Its gotta happen though. Gotta get in a Triathlon in 2013.

This year there has already been some awesome highlights for me in terms of entertainment. This entrance on The Bachelor made me laugh hard. I know I'm a bad person for laughing so much at this poor girls demise. God bless her though, it is as the kids say, or most probably used to say a long time ago now, an epic fail. Watch the beginning of this clip, so good.

I have been slacking on the brushing of Lucy's teeth on the regular and my flossing too as well as a few household chores I like to put off. Better late then never I say.  But its only two weeks in and hey, the President of the U.S of A is still Obama so things are looking good I reckon.