11 June 2013

Life Coaching Mission Statement

  Personal development and growth is my passion. I love watching people blossom into extraordinary beings who make the world a better place. If I have the privilege of being a part of someones growth and personal discovery it thrills me and gives me a deep sense of purpose beyond my mind, beyond me ego and at the very center of my core. Kinda like crunches for my soul. It is my purpose to help others facilitate their success, with their minds, with their bodies and their inner lives. I don’t just believe we are all equal, I experience that we are all essentially equal and that even though we may hold different political and religious leanings, we are all in this together. 
  We share this planet and we share a common energy and spirit, so when someone comes to me for training, be it with their body, mind or spirit, I am not preaching from a position of superiority, but from a position of partnership. As a coach my purpose is to be a partner with you and help you to lead the most fulfilling life you can live and in your own special way, leave the world a better place through being the authentic person you strive to be.
  What makes me a good coach is my ability to see your limitless potential. I am here to help you navigate your way by providing positive paths through tricky terrain. When I meet someone, and they explain to me who they are, I undoubtedly have a flood of images of them at the top of their profession, firing on all cylinders and achieving unprecedented success. I am always betting on goodness winning. This is something innate within me, I can’t help it and for this I do not apologize: I believe in you, without ever having met you, I know that I will be determined to aid you, partner with you in creating your most powerful life. If you want a relentlessly optimistic coach providing you with a plethora of positive pathways, then I can help you!
  Now, I must apologize in advance. I tend to get over excited. So right from the get go you must know that I can be overzealous in my encouragement but also in my opinions and directions. I may say something that may be offensive or a little out of left field, now I urge you not to take this personally. In coaching many clients, I believe that honesty is the best policy, and if I sense a negative mindset or attitude, I will call it like it is. I am like a more evolved Dr. Phil. I am not a therapist, though I have been in therapy (a lot) and love it and have benefitted from it immensely. That being said I cannot offer you a psychological diagnoses, but I am open with my opinions, which you are free to completely disregard at your discretion. I am a partner and coach, and so by taking me on as a coach, you also take on my educated opinions and also my gut intuition to share with you the positive possibilities I see as availiable.
  So who are you and how can I help you? You may have been through a lot of trials and tribulations in your own journey, in fact I am sure you have. But the reason you are looking into life coaching is that you feel a little frustration or a lack of fulfillment or purpose. You may be very successful in your career, you may be financially secure, but there are areas in your life that you feel are lacking. You may need to discover a balance or you want more of the juice of life. You want to feel fulfilled in a deeply powerful way. I can help you get out of your head and into your heart, flip the table of your troubles over, laugh and get traction on your souls purpose. I want to laugh with you, I want to help you build up your positive passion muscles (that sounds a bit creepy doesn’t it? You know what I mean) and I want you to help you align and start moving forward with a life that thrills you. I want to help you feel grateful and connected to a powerful sense purpose and a real deep down heart full fulfillment. A power for good. The hero alive within you, so to speak. 
  Your past does not equal your future, it equals well nothing really, all we have is now, so I encourage you to leap with faith into the moment and commit to being everything you can be. Be present but also be a present for the world (I serve plentiful Life Coaching cheese on a bread with crackers). The impact you want to make in the world is possible for you. You must be open minded, open hearted and want to be a hero in you own way. You are here to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The more you help, the happier you are rings true. Right? 
  My programs take the best of what has worked for me. From an early age, self-improvement has been my passion but I was using tools from my head and not my heart. Heart over head is now a motto that I hold to. Your brain is the servant to your soul, not the other way round. Forcing your heart to go along with an idea, a thought, a fictional concept that does not resonate with you is an exercise in frustration and futility. Create a life that you love living. What legend are you going to be? What legacy are you going to leave? We might as well be a legend right? I was told I was named after Robin Hood, and that stuck with me as a child. Helping people and fighting for good. That is my M.O and I would love to have you join my team of goodness outlaws.
  I am creative, entertaining, I love to laugh and love to joke around. I am musical, a cockeyed optimist and a tough, stubborn grifter. My program  includes workshops, empowering activities, creative goal setting and I will make sure you are accountable to me but most importantly to your authentic self. Do you like music? Are you burning to live your best life? Are you creative? Do you love nature? Do you have an open heart mind? Do you love alliteration and feel good slogans? Do you live to love and laugh (I just made that up right now. Impressed?)Do you like giving back? Are you burning to life your best life? Then I might just be the right coach for you.

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