27 August 2013

Author David Francis on Self-Development and Writing Part 1.

"I Love Me" is a lifestyle show which playfully examines all the different ways and things that people do for themselves as an act of self-nurturing and self-development. There is no limit in variation of ways that help us deal with life and the human condition and I love exploring those from a mani-pedi, a hugging group, re-birthing, a cup of gourmet coffee; so many things and ways that people use to help them not only survive life, but to help them enjoy life and themselves.
I am passionate about self development and want to examine these different experiences and various methods of self-nurture. The subjects are from all walks of life and they have a particular activity or rituals that gives them a sense of well being; a sense of love and gratitude for their own lives and celebrates their existence. 
This is a web series based on real people. Real people and real characters; wacky people, conservative people, spiritual people, but all people with the common interest of allowing themselves to love themselves for who they are.