21 October 2013

Feeling Lucky? You are lucky, Punk!

I have been feeling really lucky recently. It is not a quality that I would usually associate myself with. I definitely feel grateful on a regular basis but I reserved the status of lucky people to a more restrictive definition. I figured I was fortunate and had a lot to be grateful for but not really lucky. Lucky people are those people who were born into vast  wealth, lucky people won the lottery, lucky people were in the right place at the right time and were plucked from obscurity by a well meaning benefactor who paved their way for fame, success and all the accoutrements that come with having “made it”.

Lucky to me feels exciting; gratitude feels powerful, warm and humble, but lucky has that uplifting quality of getting a surprise gift. Luck has an almost mythological quality about it; the gambler winning big, the wannabe star spotted by an agent at a diner and closer to home, the thrill of finding a bank note in some rubble on the sidewalk. Out of nowhere you get a gift.
 If I look a little further into my situation and life, it becomes apparent to me that my definition is rather narrow and that indeed I am extremely lucky. Even to have the ability to express myself through writing, or communicating, being able to use technology, sipping a coffee and tasting it; so many reasons, so many of the most basic of human pleasures. The most basic of human needs and the ability to experience them is an incredibly lucky turn of events in the wider scheme of things.
 Chance has played a huge part in our lives; sure we hustle and work until it hurts, but think of how lucky we are to be in the situation we are in. There are so many factors that could be worse. There are so many experiences that we have been lucky enough not to experience. Look around you, look out of the car window, listen to the news; it quickly becomes apparent to me that I am indeed an incredibly lucky guy.
 Look at the love that surrounds you, your relationship, your family, your pets. Was an element of chance involved in those things you hold most sacred? Of course. You didn’t control the balance of random particle disintegration and causality that is the universe. Sure you work hard and you are  diligent but don’t kid yourself, we are all the lucky ones; our mere existence is a thrill ride of experiences both good and bad. Change your definition of lucky with me, it isn’t reserved for shallow daydreams of pithy cultural validation, although I still am lucky enough to have a rich delusional fantasy life. If you are here now, breathing and perceiving, you did win the lottery, you are a superstar and you have a gift to continue to unwrap and be continually surprised with. How did you get so lucky?
 P.S I can’t get that Dirty Harry quote out of my mind now….
“Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?” Clint Eastwood growls.
“So lucky!” replies felon “ I mean even just being here with you, this adrenaline, this moment between us. Wow! This is living! I’m having all kind of personal insights into the mind blowing thrill ride of existence and if you literally don’t blow my mind into smithereens with the most powerful handgun in existence I am going to start living a more mindful life. You know I feel lucky looking into the barrel of that 44 Magnum. I’ve never seen one before. That is a powerful hand cannon. This is my lucky day!”.
HARRY lowers gun and they embrace. Rainbows and leprechauns abound and plant shoots start erupting through the dirty streets to symbolize a new dawn. The film go straight to DVD.