15 December 2013

Thanks for a Great Year of Kiwi Boot Camp.

Kiwi Boot Camp is breaking for 2013!

I have enjoyed working with you all this year. Thanks for inspiring me and working so hard in the mornings. I love working each and everyone of you out and providing a fun, relaxed environment for you to start the day being challenged and pumped to kick some serious butt in your life.

We will be back in action on Monday January 4th!

I am looking forward to making Kiwi Boot Camp even better next year.

You will still get incredible workouts that give you an awesome balance of cardio, strength and conditioning, but I am going to incorporate more  motivational techniques and positive thinking tools so that you will become stronger mentally and physically. You can get in the fantastic shape you want and then have fun maintaining a phenomenal physique with workouts that keep you present, inspired and most importantly fun. It is scientifically proven; working out with a positive mental attitude sets you up to have the best day possible!

Fridays will still be fun, but there will be more workouts that make you feel good and compliment our work during the week. Some more Yoga and Pilates based work. Flexible, fun, feel-good Fridays!

I will be organizing some social sports days for those that love that too.

I am adding a "Life-Lift" into the name. A slight rebranding that that reflects the complete healthy lifestyle program of the boot camp; inspiring outdoor exercise that teaches you to work on being beautiful and strong, inside and out.

Kiwi Life-Lift Boot Camp is my next generation boot camp and I am excited about continuing to be creative and provide a program that gets you in the best shape of your life and get you mentally focused on living your best life.

I am going to run each camp in a calendar month so each month will be more of a focused journey.

I look forward to helping you in achieving your dreams with your body and in your life in 2014!

Happy Holidays!