09 February 2014

I Love San Diego Safari Park

This is what all zoos should be like, 1,800 acres of land where the animals can play, relax and be their wonderful wild selves. You know when you see a big cat in a small cage at a zoo pacing up and down like he/she is constantly frustrated and just having a bad, bad day? You don't see any of those guys here.
Animals leisurely peruse the vast expanse of the Safari Park grounds.
  It was a perfect day yesterday and me and my fiancee were excited. It was a birthday present for her. We love the presence observing wild animals bring into her lives. They mesmerize you with there sense of being and their evolutionary magnificence. So too we enjoy being in nature, and the design of the park filled with lush greenery was wonderfully relaxing.
  We went early on a Saturday morning and had no problems with crowds. We hit the Africa Tram ride which gave us a nice, peaceful ride around the park and gave us a sense of the vast swathe of land that the animals had at their disposal. This is what human beings should be doing, taking care of environments and animal populations with all of our technology and intelligence. I kinda envision this system in an idealized future where humans will be caretakers in sustaining thriving natural environments and nurturing struggling animal species. Come on, it can happen right?

I became hypnotized by each animal in turn. The elephants here took me into a zen state just by observing the relaxed pace they live life.
  The first animal to blow my mind was the Rhino. Its size. Its horn. It appears to be some kind of lazy dinosaur with its ancient appearance and gigantic body. Then followed a series of encounters where each new animal became my new favorite. The lions, the peaceful elephants, the human being-esque gorillas with their hugging, nurturing, socializing similarities. It was a real treat for the soul being close to such a vast array of incredible forces of nature. Animals have a spiritual quality; they remind me of the mystery behind the incredible evolutionary force of life. This world, these lives are truly a marvel.
  We went on the balloon ride which takes you up around 400 feet. A height that gets your palms tingling and gives you a wonderful view of the Safari park. This was a reasonable $12 (before 12pm). One of the few criticisms I have of San Diego Safari Park is the pricing on the Safaris. It is $46 for the initial entry and then on top of that if you want a Safari experience i.e getting in a van and having a slightly closer encounter, you have to fork over another $50. Too much. The entry fee gives you fine access to all the animals, so I'd recommend you save your money.

This is how every Zoo on earth should look like and operate.

  Oh, and you can grab a beer and walk around the park! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better right? Its like Las Vegas with wildlife, a drink in one hand and a tiger to your left. I loved that.
We saw the cheetah doing its thang and carving out 100meters in 5 seconds flat, a sight I'd always wanted to witness. We caught the bird show which was fun and featured a giant, breathtaking condor with a vast, exciting wings span. We gazed at two new baby lion cubs snuggling and taking a nap, and we had a healthy picnic (pack your own and take it in to avoid the park fare) under the dappled shade under a light golden light fanned with a light breeze straight out of an African daydream. A great park, a great example of what a Zoo should be. A fantastic day and it made a great birthday present for your animal loving loved one. I love wild animals and I encourage you to get some inspiring nature in your life today and love you, like I love me.