24 March 2014

Focus on your Favorites while you Workout.

We rocked this classic little sequence today for our morning workout. Through each of the the 10 exercise variations we focused on some of our favorite things. Some really simple things that make me relaxed and happy, in no particular order are:
1: Sushi and Target Combo, I love going to Rock N' Roll Sushi down by the "Gay Target" in West Hollywood and then hopping upstairs to grab something for the home with my babe. We actually saw Nate Berkus doing the same thing a few months ago. Target and Sushi, from myself to Nate Berkus, it really is so hot right now.
2:  I am loving meditating with my dog lately, this usually turns into a nap which is equally refreshing and invigorating for my soul. Like Deepak Chopra says, dynamic rest followed by dynamic activity, and nobody embodies the truth of that statement more then Lucy. That kid tears it up when she is outside and then naps it out when we get home. Rest and play peeps, that is the secret to a happy life.
3:  Cheap Movies! To me, growing up with movies at $2 a pop, turning over $15 just seems morally wrong. One of the many reasons I love Los Angeles is all the movie theaters where you can catch a flick and not feel like you are being fleeced. At the moment the awesome Regal Cinemas at L.A Live has a special on Tuesdays where you can catch a movie on their gloriously gigantic screens for the reasonable sum of $7. There are some decent happy hours in the vicinity too. My favorite being Flemings Steakhouse which serves a moist, mouthwatering burger which will go up against any burger anytime, anywhere!
4: My Keurig machine. God I adore a good cup of coffee and this machine delivers a wide variety of brews that pop into my mug hot and brewed to perfection. I actually had a problem with my machine and the customer service people at Keurig were so delightful and helpful they went a long way in restoring my faith in humanity.
5: Television is a beautiful art from. I have fallen deeply in love with the stories and the art that is being pumped out of this box in our lifetime. Now a show that perhaps doesn't have the gravitas of The Wire nor the faultless perfection of The Sopranos is Sons Of Anarchy . The story lines are a little inconsistent in terms of character development, that is, you see the ideas from the writers heads popping onto screen rather then organically growing from real human characters, but you know what, it still rocks. It is a testament to how far television has come that I can talk down to this action packed rollicking adventure. It definitely is wonderful entertainment and the acting is glorious. Charlie Hunnan is my bromance of the month and Katy Sagal is showing off her dramatic chops with sass. It will get me through to the next season of Game of Thrones for sure.
So what are some of your favorite things at the moment? Use them to keep you going not just though workouts but also to inspire you to face your challenges with gratitude and heart. Write down a quick brainstorm of the people, places and things that tickle your fancy at this point in your existence and make sure you do them regularly. Your best self requires you to schedule in the things that get your motor running and help you fire on all cylinders. See, even my metaphors are tinged with S.O.A at the moment:-)