16 April 2014

A Sense of Humor

  Today during our life-lift workout I wanted to focus on humor. Having a sense of humor is so important in being able to live a joy filled life. Laughing at yourself is especially important. For example, yesterday I had enjoyed a beer before heading in to see a film and I had two empty cans in my bag which I was going to put in the trash. A security guard stopped me and asked me to open my bag and I went into a guilty rambling state like some murderer who has just been busted. I was like,
  "Ummm, I have trash in my bag, lots of trash, need to empty the trash, TRASH you understand!" The security guard was puzzled and said,
  "Well you can put it in the trash can. I still need you to open your bag".
  "But its just trash. All it is is trash", I opened my bag.
  "You do need to get rid of those cans if they are beer?"
  "No beer. Empty just trash. TRASH!" I was flustered and embarrassed by the whole little public scene. But following the movie I was already laughing at my mentally unstable rant. If you feel ashamed it is a fantastic opportunity to laugh at yourself!
  Another source of continued pleasure for me is Seinfeld. So many great gags and jokes rolling one up on another. I love it, it warms my heart and gets me every time. Stephen Colbert is to me an idol. So quick, so funny and his satire sheds light on a seriously depressing political system clogged up with self-righteous and psychotic politicians. Michelle cracks me up all the time and keeps me grounded with some gentle ribbing when my ego soars off into crazy land. Lucy too cracks me up with her personality whether it be going insane tearing up a toy in a fit of doggy rage or attacking my sock like a deranged mini-wolf. Oh and I also love the Onion, their headlines always make me giggle.
  Make sure you are hanging out with people that get you. Make sure you are hanging out with folks that make you laugh. Make sure you are watching your favorite comedians, playing with your animals and making comedy, laughter and humor an essential part of your day!