14 April 2014

Kiwi Life-Lift Boot Camp: Workouts for your body and mind.

This morning we warmed up with a doozy of an ab sequence while we focused on what we love in our lives. On each exercise we repeated to ourselves the phrase "I love...", with a person, a favorite past-time, anything that you love in fact, filling in the blank. Every minute of exercise reinforced the loves we have in our life. For example, and these "Loves" of my life are in no particular preferential order, except for Michelle of course who is numero uno in the love department, I used, "I love Michelle", then "I love Los Angeles", " I love my clients", "I love my family" and "I love Lucy". Next time you work your abs, work your heart and soul too! Create your perfect life as you create your perfect body.
We then turned our attention to some of our self-development goals for the week while we got a great burn on our booties and thighs. I want to work on my appearance this week. Since I have found the love of my life, and this is a theory that may hold some truth for other men out there, I have noticed a steep decline in my grooming. In fact, I used to be somewhat of a fashion icon, a somewhat eclectic and strange fashion icon but I did in fact take great care when heading out with the hope of attracting a mate. Now that that mission has been accomplished I have become somewhat unkempt, so this is something I am going to put some attention into this week. Another goal of mine is to keep the house in tidy order. Michelle has a much higher standard when it comes to cleaning. I lived on a floor for two years quite happily at one stage of my life. But I love living in the home that Michelle created, I need to consciously remind myself and encourage myself to up my game in the housekeeping department. I also need to get back into my much preached about green drink a day and also do at least one hour of marketing, my achilles heel in business. What self-development goals are you working on at the moment? With every repetition commit to making them happen this week.
We kept on working our booties but this time put our focus on a specific goal that we would like to attain in our lives and tackled it with this 5 step method. Step 1: we focused on what the goal is. For me it is getting a new agent. I left my agency on good terms but I felt that I needed some healthy pressure on myself and also I do believe in myself as a professional actor. I have a kooky spirit that I have become much more comfortable sharing and I love performing so I needed to spread my wings a little and leap off into the zone of insecurity. Step 2: we focused on the negative feeling and consequences of not achieving this goal. For me that means not having the ability to compete on a professional level, not have the opportunity to keep pushing myself and my craft, not having FUN! Step 3: The good feelings and consequences of achieving that specific goal. In my case I would have the opportunity to generate some income doing something I love and which brings me a ton of excitement and fun. Acting and performing gets me excited. I want it to be a continued source of artistic growth and expression. Step 4: identify a negative believe that is holding you back and flip it. For example, and I really do have this belief, after sending, over the years, hundreds of head shots and resumes about and putting myself out there, that getting a good agent and manager is impossible, but of course it is possible and actors do get agents and managers all the time. Phrase your positive beliefs like this, "It is possible...", or "I am moving closer towards...". This gives your brain the ability to comprehend that indeed it is possible for you to achieve those ends and gets your subconscious devising all sorts of ways to hit your intended target. Use this 5 step approach with the next 5 exercises you do!
We then hit the abs and arms again and this time focused on what we wanted to achieve this week. For every exercise you do, find a goal you want to get done this week and use it to inspire as you perspire. This week I want to create a great video, get more life-coaching clients, organize my birthday party, organize my next life-coaching workshop and get a piece of writing published. Whats on your agenda? As you create a beautiful body with hard work and perseverance, create your beautiful life at the same time!