28 April 2014

Looking to help others helps you free yourself from a victim mentality.

We can easily get caught up in whats not working in our lives, about what we wished turned out differently or if the world was slightly more of a sane place. But that kind of thinking traps you in the past and is both fruitless and futile. Instead, if you look at your existence as a way to help others it moves your forward and gets you out of a victim mentality. If you have a specific trouble, make it part of your motivation to help others going through the same struggle. If you feel sorry for yourself, turn your attention on to helping someone without a home or mentor someone who does not have the same skill set as you but wants to learn your particular area of expertise. I always feel much more free and motivated when I ask myself, "How can I add value to the world", rather then "How can I take and add value to myself and my own selfish needs". How can you help others today? Take one minute and write down whatever comes out of your heart.