07 April 2014

This Mornings Kiwi-Life Lift Workout.

I wanted to get a good set of abs in this morning so we did these 5 awesome moves. With each move we first focused our minds on 1: A goal we want to achieve this month. 2: Something we are grateful for. 3: Something we are looking forward to. 4: A way which we can give back. 5: A positive belief that will lead us closer to our goals.

We then did three rounds of this circuit, trying to beat our time and finishing with one minute jump rope.

And then to finish up, we rocked 500 lunges. Thats right, 500. When you are grinding through your 500 lunges, make sure you have a vision of a long term goal that you would like to accomplish, use it to fuel your determination when the pain barrier raises its ugly head. Push on, rep by rep, step by step until you reach your goal. You can join me for 250 on the right side:
And of course 250 on the left side: