01 May 2014

I Love Michelle

I have just returned from a special trip with my now fiance'e Michelle. That sounds fancy. Faince'e has quite a nice ring to it (excuse the pun).
  Michelle is quite simply the bomb. I love her more and more each day. She becomes more beautiful to me everyday. Like any real deal soul mate, she and I have a lot in common. We were really good friends for many years before we took it up a level. It was obvious from the moment we met that we were going to be friends from the get go. We clicked. Our sense of humor was similar and we enjoyed many of the same pleasures in life, especially writing, nature, and a love of adventure. Life is meant to be a continuous adventure full of exploration and discovery and in Michelle I had found a kindred.

My soulmate.

  As I mentioned Michelle and I were platonic friends for years. She was in a serious relationship with a lovely guy who was a good friend of mine. How we ended up together is a different story altogether and I will save that for another day but I will divulge that our friendship ended and our romantic relationship blossomed during the final movement of one of Wagner's ring cycle operas. I forget which one it was, I don't forget the kiss. It was my first opera and we went as friends. Wagner's work seems to last an eternity, so by the final act we had seemingly both gone through an epic experience. A trial by fire. It was gorgeous music but like a Hollywood movie, the writing was terrible, a mythological mish-mash. A few glasses of wine probably also pushed us closer together and by the end of the opera we kissed and everything changed.

  Back to the road trip. We set out up the coast, our intended destination Big Sur. Our common love of nature compelled us to be somewhere beautiful for the occasion and from the pictures we saw and from numerous glowing accounts, Big Sur was a magical and picturesque spot. A perfect background for a proposal. Our first stop was in Solvang, a cute town I had had a soft spot for ever since cycling through it on an Aidslifecycle. Everything is distinctly Danish. I figure there must be some kind of town ordinance that requires all the buildings to resemble traditional Danish abodes. There is a homage to Hans Christian Anderson, a large bronze bust of the master storyteller in the towns park and indeed the whole town does have a strong fairy tale flavor about it. It could be the setting for a romantic fairytale and its cuteness and quaintness is easy to appreciate.

Sleeping in in Solvang.

 Our plan was to wind our way up to Big Sur, find a camping spot, spend a night out in nature and then head to Glen Oaks, a cute hotel we found to spend an evening post proposal. The Big Sur coastline is just magic. Top of the line views, nature showing off all her spectacular wares; it is some of the most beautiful coastal views I have seen, and I'm from New Zealand so the bar for natural beauty is set pretty darn high. 

I had seen this epic setting in Julia Pfieffer Park,  on a magazine cover of Sunset Magazine which coincidentally had a feature on the ultimate Californian road trip. On arriving at this incredible vista, it became apparent that it might be a little busy for something as intimate as a proposal. Luckily, around every corner in Big Sur is a view and a backdrop worthy of a proposal and we found our very own secluded spot.

  When we arrived in Big Sur, the campground we understood we would be able to stay in was filled up. Another quality in Michelle that I love is her ability to go with the flow and improvise. Our first choice of locations was not ideal but we explored the coast and found a hotel, we got some In N' Out and beers and watched a fight on telly. When I say soulmate I ain't just throwing that word out there, Michelle is quite simply my perfect life partner. The bomb!  Did I say that already?

  In the morning we checked in to our cute little room at the enchanting Glen Oaks, then went and had a beer in the river at Big Sur River Inn. That's right, a beer in the river. They have these little wooden chairs set out so you can sip on a cool beer and dangle your feet in the flowing river.

Fancy an ice cold beer while dangling your feet in some deliciously fresh stream water? 

Don't mind if I do!

  We then went back to the hotel and got dressed up to head out for a glass of wine while overlooking the stirling sea shore at sunset. Even though we had planned the trip together and had been talking about marriage for a while, I began to get a bit nervous. I don't often get nervous. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. It was great!

  We set out for our little romantic peninsula we had discovered and as the sun began to set, I got down on one knee and began my speech. I forget exactly what I said, I had written a wee passage down on a little black notebook (I later gave to her, the idea being that we could write our dreams as a couple in it) but, in the moment the significance of the occasion got to me a little. Luckily I had done my research on proposals through the most romantic and true to real life relationships show that is on T.V, The Bachelor, and I zoned in on some pure Bachelor worthy lines. I think I even said, "Make me the happiest man in the universe". It was great. The son was setting, I was with the love of my life and she said yes. Someone to share this adventure of life and love with that I can truly say, is my favorite person in the world. I am a lucky guy.

The sun begins to dip below the horizon where I proposed.

First "Fiance'e" photo.

Our perfect proposal spot. A magical location, a magical lady, a magical moment in this wonderful life.