21 May 2014

Godzilla Review

Again, why don't they throw a couple more million at the writers in pre-production? Is it because film execs don't read? Is it because film execs create scripts through focus groups? Thor, Spiderman and Captain America all suffered from disparate story lines and a lack of character development. They did do good at the box office though, so, maybe illiterate marketing driven film execs know what they're doing, even if that comes at the expense of the movies essential integrity.

Godzilla was solid though. I loved the part up to Bryan Cranston dying. Great tension and a solid set up but then the film kinda stumbled and their were some pacing issues. The creatures beef and fighting scenes dragged a little for me. There were some plot holes too. An example: at one point the mother who inexcusably is a nurse (come on now, does the girl have to be a nurse again?) gives her child to a co-worker and decides to wait on her husband. You know, of course her co-worker is gonna fight for the life of her child as hard as she would while she does the right thing and wait on her brave shoulder to finish doing battle with giant radioactive creatures. A little too stupid and sexist even for this formulaic action.

Worst scene, the parasitic enemy of the Godzilla grabs a missile and clownishly rubs it against its teeming womb. A bit too show and tell. Stupid.

Loved the cinematography, it was dark and brooding and the pallet for the film incorporated great washes of dark green and blue and grey, prehistoric mood lighting if you will. The monsters are great and loud so see this at a theatre with a kick ass sound system.  The acting, well, Bryan Cranston is in good old crazy scientist mode, a similar zone  from his Breaking Bad excellence, the other leads are nice but a tad soulless.

I just loved the way Ken Watanabe said Godzilla, all intense. The theatre crowd actually cheered when he went into this Samurai mode and ratcheted up the intensity every time he said, "Godzilla". I wish my Japanese was better. I kept repeating "Godzilla" faux Watanabe for a few hours after the picture.

The film did get my inner feminist monster riled up.

We need to stop as a culture being satisfied with females being token characters that need to be protected. We need to move forward with more female action heroes. Come on, you know and I know it would be a better world if we just let women be in positions of power so let me challenge you, after you watch this film, to examine consciously the idiotic subservient roles we give females, for the most part,  in our mainstream entertainment. Here is a deep thought, pervasive sexism is a cultural "Godzilla" we all need to consciously fight against.