20 September 2014

I Love The YMCA Stairclimb

It was another great evening in downtown L.A for the annual YMCA Ketchum Stairclimb.

The Kiwi Climbers team of myself, Tim, Paul and Christopher all put in great climbs. These hardy lads sweated, huffed and puffed and toughed it out to the top of the stairs all with fantastic times.

Unfortunately for all my stair climbing fans around the world I was not able to bring back another medal. I apologize to my fans, sponsors and supporters but just like all true champions, I'll be back.

The ice cold beer after 75 plus floors of stairs just tasted so good and standing there with these tough, fun, and fit team members amid the towering buildings on a wonderful L.A evening gave me a feeling of pride for their commitment to a healthy life and the steps they take to, excuse the pun, to be able to rock up the highest building in the city in a jiffy. Congrats Kiwi Climbers and indeed all the climbers who rocked the stairs!