15 September 2014

Inspirational Speech from this mornings workout.

It was hot this morning. Really hot. And what do you know, I had devised a nice, challenging workout.

To inspire the troops I gave these salient points on motivating oneself when the rubber hits the road and the road is scorching hot.

Look at yourself like a lifetime athlete. What I mean by that is, we want to be ripped when we are 90. We are in this to be fit and healthy for our entire time on the planet, so when conditions are challenging, accept the challenge because tomorrow morning, when the hot sun rises again, you know you are gonna be out there sweating it out all over again. Be committed to being a lifetime athlete.

Be your own life coach. When you begin to hit the wall, and when you exercise to push your potential, you will hit a wall, remember to encourage yourself. Remind yourself you have been there before, you have experienced hard physical and mental trials and come through it. Take confidence from your experiences and push through that wall. Things will get better, you will break through your wall. Keep breathing, keep moving forward and keep coaching yourself all the way.

You love self development, you love pushing yourself, you love being alive! Hell, what makes you feel more alive then pushing your limits? Be grateful to have a healthy body to move, be grateful you are physically fit, be grateful for every challenge and you will experience a powerful, inexhaustible well of will power. Embrace the challenge, love it, thrive off it and live life the the full!

I know, I know, I am straight out of Friday Night Lights. Love that show by the way.