26 September 2014

The Starbucks Run

Awesome Starbucks Rewards run this A.M.!

This is a great idea if I may say so myself. I love a bit of Starbucks. I just love them. So many great, refreshing beverages. But I digress.

What is a Starbucks Reward Run? Well, a great way to motivate yourself is by giving yourself healthy treats, so plan out a run where your finish line is a Starbucks.

You are basically combining two awesome morning activities to start the day right: Running and coffee. Win, win.

 We had an awesome run around beautiful houses and trees this morning and the team bounced along at a great pace. And then there we were, sipping on a delicious caffeinated beverage feeling invigorated and pumped for the weekend.

My favorite beverage from Starbucks for all my fans out there who are desperate to know, is the Cool Lime Refresher with added Fizz. Completely delicious and it has some caffeine to give my brain a kick in the pants. Try one today. I should be a spokesman for Starbucks really.