10 October 2014

Bromance of The Month: Mathew McConaughey

It is great to see a show, read a book or catch some art that really inspires you. What actor, writer, musician or human being has been inspiring you with their work this month?

It is constantly inspiring to me what we human beings are capable of, our creations are consistently amazeballs.

 "But Robin, some of these great artists are total narcissistic jerks. How do you deal with this unpleasant fact?"

Yes this is a good question. For this exercise lets concentrate on the actual artistic creations of these humans (even though are characters may not always be up to par). Hate the creator not the creation. Lets love the art aside from the artist.

 When it comes to artists and art, I choose to focus on their creation, not so much their character, for example my old buddy Michael Jackson: Great musician, not so great with kids.

Anyways, the question still remains, what has been inspiring you this month?

So much great television these days you gotta be able to find something to be excited about? The long television series is the new novel. Mathew McConaughey blew my mind in "True Detective". That show is high art. Who blew your mind recently?

Take 2 Minutes and write down in your "Life Files", or your journal or diary, an artist or artistic work that has moved and inspired you.