05 October 2014

Go for a Stress Busting Swim

I went for a lovely swim today. Its blazing hot outside and the water was just the perfect temperature. So refreshing.

Now I'm not so much of a swimmer, I am more of a sinker, but there is always something soothing about being in the water swimming laps.

To kick of my Triathlon sprint training, I swam a leisurely 16 laps of a 25 yard pool (32 lengths) which equates to about half a mile, the distance of a sprint Tri swim. Bow I swim like a grandpa so it takes me about 23 minutes.

Swimming in the Triathlon is a fun way to get the "workout" started. I don't take my swimming time too seriously, its more about having a good time swimming.

Do time yourself though, and as you swim more, keep checking in and seeing how you improve. 
Swimming is meditative too. 

Get into a nice rhythm breathing and watch your mind as it ticks away. Its a great way to exercise your mindfulness and stay present. Let your mind do what it wants and stay focused and relaxed on your rhythm and breath.