27 March 2015

Hidden Gems: The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Palm Springs is famous for its golf courses and pools, but if you are looking for a different way to enjoy life under the sun and connect with a wide variety of desert life, why not introduce yourself to the animals that call the desert their home?

Just a quick 30 minute drive from Palm springs lies The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

The park boasts 1200 acres of Sonoran Desert and features hiking trails and interactive exhibits where you can enjoy a truly ‘hands on’ experience with the wildlife.

For a small fee of $5 you can hand feed a giraffe and feel its tactile tongue snatch a carrot from out of your bare hand.

The “Birds of the Australian Outback” exhibit offers visitors the chance to mingle with 300 ‘budgies’, a colorful, personable breed of parakeet. The birds are extremely familiar with their human guests, popping their heads in pockets or resting on your hand to feed on the seed sticks included in the $2 price of entry.

You will not find animals pacing back and forth in small confines as the expansive territory of the park enables the larger inhabitants, such as the jaguars, to have enough room in their enclosures to roam relatively freely and stretch their impressive frames.

Children can enjoy the experience of riding atop a camel while adults will be pleased to know that they can quench their thirst with a refreshing ice cold beer, an essential element to surviving in the sun and sand.

Once you’ve worked on your tan and mastered your short game, you might want to take a trip down to this excellent nature preserve and experience firsthand how other creatures enjoy their desert playground.