Boot Camp

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Kiwi: A slang term for New Zealander (i.e an adventurer who loves the outdoors.)

Life-Lift: Every workout lifts your body and mind. Your whole life gets a lift!

I've helped hundreds of people lose weight, look and feel great and exceed their own expectations and fitness goals. I can do the same for you.

Working out with me in the morning is the best way you can start your day.

I will challenge your body and I will provide you with a superb workout every day, but I will also engage your mind and spirit. You will experience an incredible improvement in your muscle tone and all around fitness, with more confidence and a passion for self-development.

Join me for trail runs that take your breath away, (literally and figuratively), as we feed off the clean morning air and breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

I bring years of athletic experience to each workout I unveil.

My original workouts garnered from years teaching spin, weight training, pilates, yoga, triathlon, kickboxing will keep your body performing at its highest level.

My pep-talks take root in my students and bud into a perennial passion for personal growth, inspiring them to transcend their initial fitness goals.

Every workout will provide you with the opportunity to push your body and mind further and to reach and maintain your peak physical and mental condition.

Jumping rope on the steps of iconic The Griffith Observatory.

Something has to be a lot of fun for me to want to do it consistently and that is what I strive to provide my clients.

Sometimes you will be laughing with me, more often than not at me (but as long as someone is laughing, I'm happy.) My idiocy is as much a gift as my integrity.

Challenges are put into perspective with humor and everyone is treated as an equal. I help you find the smile in every mile.

Where: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Robert Burns Park, corner Beverly Blvd and North Van Ness Avenue, CA 90004. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays at Griffith Park (meet by Trails Cafe), CA 90046. 

Time: 7a.m. Each class is approx 50 mins.

PHONE: 3237472666