Mission Statement

What You Can Expect From My Services:

From the moment it was introduced to me, personal training and life coaching was a job I felt I was born to do. I have worked hard and had great success over many years in creating reliable ways that help clients realize their lifestyle goals. I provide targeted training plans for individuals that really work. 

My coaching services are practical and measured. I pave the way for you to take a series of small steps that will lead to big transformations that last.

Finding free time for yourself and for physical activity in today’s fast paced environment is almost impossible. It is imperative for each individual to make sure that their free time is spent effectively. Regular visits to the fitness centers, regular workout sessions at home and maintaining the motivation at a high level by yourself is tough. I am here to help you and coach you to be your best you.

I am committed to helping clients with training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which enables them to perform to their best in both their lives and in their careers. It takes a constant monitoring of results and discipline to maintain a healthy work/life balance. It is a difficult task for most people. That’s why you need a personal trainer and life coach. In an ideal world everyone would have a personal trainer and a life coach (or therapist.)

I believe I can help you, as I have helped others, make permanent positive changes and lead a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

Since there are hundreds of active coaches and personal trainers out there, you should know that not all of them provide the same quality of service and you need to focus on those who have experience in this field and those who have already helped hundreds of people. 

I have worked as a personal trainer and life coach for many years now. I have dedicated my life to helping people get in shape and helping them achieve inner peace. 

With my help you can learn how to get the most from your time you dedicate to training and designing a healthy, happy lifestyle. I will keep your personal motivation levels high, analyze your progress and when you have achieved your goals I will redesign your workout program or lifestyle strategy so that you continue your journey on a path to your brightest possible future. 

I bring years of athletic and life experience to ensure that you continually evolve and flourish in your career and in your personal life.

With my help you can expect steady progress and continual psycho-physical changes for the better. You will achieve realistic goals and also reach long term goals you once believed to be unrealistic. I love consistently being a part of people transforming their lives for the better.

I am a person that you can identify with during the training process. I feel a great responsibility towards my clients and I feel proud and committed to being a part of their success. Thanks to my experience I have developed skills that I have found both practical and efficient which I have learned from many skilled educators. I am able to transfer all the necessary knowledge to my clients with my gift of a genetically superior sense of humor.

One of my missions is to help the client to understand everything that I know works. I want to pay it forward in every coaching session. I guide my clients onwards and upwards in their search for their most authentic life by providing sources of personal motivation that they find compelling. I provide strong leadership and mentoring in combination with a spirit of collaboration between me and my clients. 

So, what exactly are my services?

To start with, my Kiwi Life-Lift workouts are designed as a complete workout that will activate all your muscle groups but also your spirit too. These exercises take place outdoors at Robert Burns Park and at Griffith Park. I have implemented all my knowledge and experience from yoga, pilates, weight training, triathlon, kickboxing and other physical activities in order to create this program that will help you sculpt your body and relax your mind. It combines my love of the outdoors, the "Kiwi" part of my identity and also my love for self-development; it will give your whole life a lift!

I am also a life coach so along with the physical exercise, I can also help people find the much needed balance in their lives. I understand how the modern, fast paced lifestyle can tax our down-time. We all face a great deal of stress on our plates and I will help you find a way to deal with your particular stresses and use your time wisely to get the maximum benefit with what time you have.

My personal training is wide ranging and varied. I am an expert in designing home workouts, gym routines and I have a lot of coaching experience in triathlon, aquatics and adventure races.

My motivational speaking services are great for businesses, teams or for a group of friends. I can help your team bond better, create relaxed atmosphere and leave your group inspired and empowered with my motivational speeches that are delivered with a liberal coating of humor.

The right time is now! The purpose of my work is to lead you all the way to your personal finish line and help you enjoy the journey along the way. Anyone can be happy and healthy and I can help you get there faster! 

Contact me today at THELEGENDOFR@GMAIL.COM to schedule a FREE consultation.

To Your Best You!

Robin Hall-Master Trainer and Life Coach