Motivational Speaking

"Beautiful" Ariana Huffington

"Beautiful" Ricky Gervais

"I agree with Arianna Huffington and Ricky Gervais" Robin Hall

My life coaching seminar will cover health, happiness and is full of heart and humor.

Health, Happiness and Heart: Life Coaching Seminar

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, an awards host, a corporate team builder or motivational speaker for kids I am your man.

I am a charismatic leader, performer, trainer, and life coach. This experience gives me the ability to truly improve lives and bring about transformation in the most effective and entertaining ways.

My sense of humor is one of my best qualities. Combine this with my practical wisdom and common sense insight into the human condition and you have yourself a charismatic and knowledgeable motivational speaker.

If Anthony Bourdain and Stephen Colbert  ever had a love child, he would have my personality  I am the perfect mix of comedy, insight and disarming humility.

I speak with experience on the topics of health, fitness, mental health and stress management, interweaving personal stories and strategies that I know are effective in both inspiring and informing my audience on how to live a happier and healthier life.

Having suffered from an early age with ADD, OCD and depression, I know my subject matter from first-hand experience and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned. I can help your team in dealing with stress and in a constructive way. Our health, both physical and mental, is everything. I will inspire your group and motivate them to lead their best lives.

I am a natural entertainer and have worked as an actor, speaker and coach for many years. I have a magnetic comic energy.

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My speaking engagements are relaxed, full of humor and packed with down to earth advice. Through a series of true stories, conversations, common sense examples and with gentle prompts, you will come out of the hour with more clarity, positivity and with a set of practical tools that move you forward towards a higher quality of life.

Breakfast of Champions and Power Lunch Goal Setting Workshops.

My popular “Breakfast of Champions” goal setting workshop is a great product for your business team or friends. I deliver a wonderful and inspiring seminar at your workplace or at a restaurant of your choice where your team can bond, learn and be motivated over a cup of Joe and their breakfast. They will leave with solid goals, a feeling of camaraderie and a sense of accountability to one another.

"Robin’s "Breakfast of Champion’s" workshops are ideal for bringing colleagues
together and making them accountable to each other. Each of your team members will learn how to set and manage goals effectively, work together to develop their strengths and build a true sense of camaraderie."

Not morning people? No problem at all. I also offer a "Power Lunch" team building workshop where you enjoy your lunch while being inspired, motivated and empowered. This is a great way to motivate your team all while designing and focusing on creating the master plan to achieve your goals. You will leave with a more focused and detailed sense of the next steps ahead that you need to take your achievements to the next level.

My "Breakfast of Champions" or "Power Lunch" workshops are perfect for team building for groups of 5-20. Above a group of clients is all smiles after a morning of coffee, goal setting, and positive life lessons.

"Remember Teamwork makes the Dream Work – and Robin Hall will make your
Team Work!"

By booking me as a speaker you will be entertained, motivated, inspired and most of all – changed!

If you are dissatisfied with my services, I offer a money back guarantee.

"Contact Robin today for a Breakfast of Champions or Power Lunch workshop for
your employees! You won't regret it!"

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Motivational Speaking for Youth

Are you trying to inspire and motivate youth?

I will motivate them with true-life stories of overcoming insecurity and low self-confidence and I will engender within them a curiosity for self-development and equip them with self-acceptance and self-awareness.

Over the course of my career I have worked with:
 • Children in Middle School
 • Children with Special Needs
 • Disenfranchised Youth
 • Teenagers

In my work with young people it I am an expert at communicating difficult ideas by connecting with them through music, humor and my zany personality.

I will teach, inspire and motivate youth on the topics of mental health, peer pressure, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Click here for examples of my work as a performer. It is this friendly energy and zany sense of humor enables me to connect quickly with youth.

I speak passionately and from personal experience to youth about the importance of mindfulness and about how to maintain good mental health.

I love speaking with youth and I am driven to helping them be happier and healthier by teaching them what I wish I knew from an early age regarding mental health and nurturing our inner life.

I would love to come and speak to your college, school or youth group on these topics and I have a seminar which is entertaining, informative and interactive.

In this day and age of social media and a culture of distraction, I believe the tools of stress management, mindfulness, and indeed insight into how to care for our own mental health is vital in youth education.

I will instill in them a deep sense of curiosity about their inner emotional life and give them a sense of self-confidence in tackling issues to do with their mental health and self-esteem.

In my presentation I also seek to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health so that the fear and peer pressure that surrounds this subject is erased and children and teenagers feel emboldened to seek help if they need it and to have an increased sensitivity to the needs of others who are dealing with it.

In my seminar  I will cover the many ways we can support a healthy self-esteem through exercise, nutrition, meditation and share with them practical strategies to aid in keeping focused in a frenetic world. They will also leave with clear ideas and tools with which to look after their mental health and I will clearly communicate the concept of mindfulness and ways which they can manage their internal state.

My seminar is interactive and the participants will be given a writing prompt and do their own personal reflections in real time. They will come out of the hour with an invaluable set of tools born from their own personal reflections and insight.

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