Personal Training

I believe fitness as a vital, fun and fulfilling part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are starting an exercise program or even if you are an experienced athlete, when you train with me you will be motivated, informed and provided with all the support needed to take a step forward with your fitness journey.

 I have had great success with clients that want to lose weight, gain muscle or take their workout program to a new level of intensity. I will help you achieve your personal goals by being professional, encouraging and knowledgeable.  I am creative and design workouts using a variety of exercises so you will achieve your goals and have a lot of fun.

I will be a voice of encouragement and your friend as we create a body and a lifestyle that fills you with a deep sense of pride, joy and satisfaction.

 In my workouts, we sweat through a fun yet intense workout, burning up those calories and toning and strengthening every muscle group. We also make if mindful exercise, focusing on your goals and using our bodies to release stress and get you in touch with your authentic self. You get to work on your self-esteem as you become stronger physically and mentally. Ladies get tight and trim, confident and empowered. Boys get lean, buff while releasing aggression and working on becoming your best self. I always provide clients with fun, action-packed workouts that I guarantee will push your boundaries and leave you feeling empowered both physically and mentally.


I am an Ironman, a sprint triathlon age group champion and an experienced triathlete. I have taken beginners of all levels of fitness to complete and enjoy with confidence the amazing sport of Triathlon. I am a knowledgeable and experienced coach in this area and can help you achieve your dream of being a triathlete!

Hamming it up in a faux acceptance speech for my Sprint Triathlon victory. I'd love to turn YOU into a triathlete!

Before and after shots of another successful Kiwitrainer Tri Team outing. I will be there with you every step of the way to the finish line. 

I can prescribe weight training and exercise programs for those of you that like to sculpt those muscles in the comfort of your own home. If you like throwing that steel around in the gym, I will create a program and work with you to build your perfect body.

I love challenging myself in and up against the environment. My philosophy is that fitness should enable you to enjoy your body and increase your quality of life. I like to remind clients of this as we hike, hit the beach and get out there and enjoy the marvelous natural playground that is California.

I always make sure I lead by example in my workouts and am your friend and partner during each session and in every step along the way of your fitness journey. I inspire, you perspire! 

If you would like to enjoy a fantastic workout with no impact on your joints, I can work you out in a pool. This is perfect if you have an injury, are elderly, or just beginning a workout program. You will have fun in the water and get great results for your body with no risk of damage to your joints.

Contact me today to schedule a session. Phone 323-747-2666 or e-mail me at,